Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Snowy Llangollen Continued.....

The empty canal basin
We've still got plenty of snow in Llangollen with icy towpaths making dog walking fun. I've got spiky things to go on my boots and they certainly help. The footpaths in town are just slushy in some places and clear in places. No trouble getting supplies then and today the coalman delivered our coal as usual despite the weather so we won't run out. The water supply next to the boat has stayed unfrozen so that's good too. So we're coping with this cold weather although I won't be sorry to see the last of it.
Few boats could get to Llangollen last week as the stoppage happened even with the snow as the workmen pointed the brickwork on the bridge below the water level to mend a leak. Obviously they put stop planks either side of the bridge and kept the water out using a pump. So as you can see the canal basin is empty with no one taking up the 48 hour moorings there.
Eric braving the cold with Ben

Our walks have been on the towpaths as I didn't fancy slipping on the hills and Eric came with me on a walk too. Not many people out walking today, it's been snowing again and felt really cold but Ben doesn't care.........he wanted me to throw sticks in the canal so he could jump in to get them! But I didn't it's far too cold for paddling!

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