Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Going South To Newport, Newport

Our journey to Newport was very pleasant as there was loads of room on the train and Ben settled happily under the table of the four seated section and went to sleep.Travelling through the countryside we could see the extent of the sodden countryside with flooded fields everywhere. Arriving in Newport Ben was very keen to get off the train and  pulled us to the lifts. Off the station through fun began as the only two taxis on the rank refused to take a dog but  Dragon came to the rescue and found a driver who would. We usually use Dragon but they don't have the station contract anymore so they picked us up at a bus stop.
Anyway we got to Clare's after a diversion to get a key as we'd left it on the boat....we usually forget something!  The title of the post is how Newport is addressed, it's also the county. It's been Newport, Monmouthshire, Newport, Gwent and now it's Newport Newport.......how mad is that. The city centre looks dire M & S had now left the centre and gone to an out of town retail park, so popping in is out of the question to look at the clothes or buy some food. It now involves a bus ride to Spytty.
This mornings walk was fun, it was raining heavily and I came back with Ben and I dripping wet. I was dry underneath and Ben was soon towel dried. We did a circular pavement route as I couldn't face paddling through deep puddles, mud and streams which I would have found on the Alt-yr-yn Nature Reserve. Maybe tomorrow!!

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