Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Walk And A Cruise Aboard NB Henry

Dinas Bran from Sun Trevor (Winter 2008/2009)
Today Liz and I took the dogs for a walk to Trevor while NB Henry came behind for a pump out. No other moving boats so we didn't have to worry about meeting boats in the narrows, although Nick did meet the working boat with the tree cutters.We'd warned them he was coming so they moved the boat out of the narrows.  It was really cold but walking soon warmed us up, although Nick must have been very cold on the back of the boat.
At Trevor we climbed aboard NB Henry after the dogs had a rub down to get rid of the mud on their paws and legs.  Luckily Connie wasn't bothered by Ben being on her boat, but he's not happy to have any dog on his boat! He curled up for a little nap on the way while Connie was happy on the back of the boat with Nick.
Lunch followed and then we had a cruise back to Llangollen Wharf. The water levels were down so progress was slow with scraping noises at bridge holes.

I forgot to take any photos so it's an old one, believe it or not the sun was shining today.

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artymess said...

hope you are keeping warm and safe in this snow Elsie ...x