Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Going South To Newport, Newport

Our journey to Newport was very pleasant as there was loads of room on the train and Ben settled happily under the table of the four seated section and went to sleep.Travelling through the countryside we could see the extent of the sodden countryside with flooded fields everywhere. Arriving in Newport Ben was very keen to get off the train and  pulled us to the lifts. Off the station through fun began as the only two taxis on the rank refused to take a dog but  Dragon came to the rescue and found a driver who would. We usually use Dragon but they don't have the station contract anymore so they picked us up at a bus stop.
Anyway we got to Clare's after a diversion to get a key as we'd left it on the boat....we usually forget something!  The title of the post is how Newport is addressed, it's also the county. It's been Newport, Monmouthshire, Newport, Gwent and now it's Newport Newport.......how mad is that. The city centre looks dire M & S had now left the centre and gone to an out of town retail park, so popping in is out of the question to look at the clothes or buy some food. It now involves a bus ride to Spytty.
This mornings walk was fun, it was raining heavily and I came back with Ben and I dripping wet. I was dry underneath and Ben was soon towel dried. We did a circular pavement route as I couldn't face paddling through deep puddles, mud and streams which I would have found on the Alt-yr-yn Nature Reserve. Maybe tomorrow!!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunshine And Showers

Yesterday Australia Day was celebrated by a barbecue on the wharf. The grog pot was brought out and filled with mulled wine plus many other additions! In charge of the barbecue was Sue's son Chris who was celebrating his birthday too. It was cold but not as cold as last year and it did stay dry. Last year we had hailstones which pleased a visiting Ausssie couple who joined us at the barbecue.
Overnight we'd had a shed load of snow which covered the icy towpath but after last nights rain all that remains is a few icy patches which have melted in the afternoon sun. Snow drifts and ice remain where the sun hasn't reached them on the footpaths above Llangollen. Ben and I battled the mud, ice and snow this morning as well as lots of streams as I needed to get away from the busy towpath.
Tomorrow we're heading south with some appointments in Newport with the dentist and the doctor for checkups. Ben the dog is looking forward to giving Clare a big lick!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Snowy Llangollen Continued.....

The empty canal basin
We've still got plenty of snow in Llangollen with icy towpaths making dog walking fun. I've got spiky things to go on my boots and they certainly help. The footpaths in town are just slushy in some places and clear in places. No trouble getting supplies then and today the coalman delivered our coal as usual despite the weather so we won't run out. The water supply next to the boat has stayed unfrozen so that's good too. So we're coping with this cold weather although I won't be sorry to see the last of it.
Few boats could get to Llangollen last week as the stoppage happened even with the snow as the workmen pointed the brickwork on the bridge below the water level to mend a leak. Obviously they put stop planks either side of the bridge and kept the water out using a pump. So as you can see the canal basin is empty with no one taking up the 48 hour moorings there.
Eric braving the cold with Ben

Our walks have been on the towpaths as I didn't fancy slipping on the hills and Eric came with me on a walk too. Not many people out walking today, it's been snowing again and felt really cold but Ben doesn't care.........he wanted me to throw sticks in the canal so he could jump in to get them! But I didn't it's far too cold for paddling!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Snowy Llangollen

Snowy Bendy January 2013
Overnight the snow finally came as forecasted so NB Bendigedig was covered in snow and  Ben enjoyed a run in the snow when I let him out...........he was back in quickly though! Later on Liz and I donned the wet weather gear and braved the snow to take the dogs for a walk. The snow was stinging our faces as we walked towards the lift bridge so we soon turned around and made our way back to the boat. It was just a few inches deep but it's getting deeper as the day goes on.
The view from Sally's house in Abercarn
Plenty of snow has fallen in south Wales......... Clare is snowed in at the top of a steep hill, Sally has plenty of the white stuff in Abercarn and Lisa has made it to work in Cardiff. The schools are shut so Gwenllian is with her dad.  My dad is ok with a well stocked freezer, fridge  and  pantry so he's got no need to go out. I did our shopping yesterday as Liz took me to Morrisons as we knew the snow was forecast. Thanks Liz.


One of my favourite pictures taken by Nick  at Castell Dinas Bran .......I wonder who made the snowman.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Walk And A Cruise Aboard NB Henry

Dinas Bran from Sun Trevor (Winter 2008/2009)
Today Liz and I took the dogs for a walk to Trevor while NB Henry came behind for a pump out. No other moving boats so we didn't have to worry about meeting boats in the narrows, although Nick did meet the working boat with the tree cutters.We'd warned them he was coming so they moved the boat out of the narrows.  It was really cold but walking soon warmed us up, although Nick must have been very cold on the back of the boat.
At Trevor we climbed aboard NB Henry after the dogs had a rub down to get rid of the mud on their paws and legs.  Luckily Connie wasn't bothered by Ben being on her boat, but he's not happy to have any dog on his boat! He curled up for a little nap on the way while Connie was happy on the back of the boat with Nick.
Lunch followed and then we had a cruise back to Llangollen Wharf. The water levels were down so progress was slow with scraping noises at bridge holes.

I forgot to take any photos so it's an old one, believe it or not the sun was shining today.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Those Photos Via Picasa Web Albums

Castell Dinas Bran from Trevor Rocks

Connie and Ben on Trevor Rocks

Connie and the mists

I've finally managed to get some new photos on this blog. I had to download Picasa 3 from Google which took an age with my slow connection. At least it gave me another option to load pictures on the blog. Thanks to Adam for the suggestion, apparently he's having the same problem with blogger.

Walking At Trevor Rocks

A view of Trevor Rocks

A view of Castell Dinas Bran

another view of Trevor Rocks

Another view from Dinas Bran

Castell Dinas Bran from Trevor Rocks

Trevor Rocks
First of all my apologies for reposting a selection of photos stored on my Picasso Albums used before on my blog. For some reason I can't upload new pictures to my blog as the box I need to click doesn't appear!
Yesterday Liz and I with the dogs had a lovely walk along Trevor Rocks, it was a rather misty day but the dogs thoroughly enjoyed it especially Connie who thinks she's a mountain goat up and down the slopes. I will post the photos blog willing if I can at some time, but I'm mistyfied why the box comes up and disappears in an instant! Any suggestions bloggers.

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday......an Update

We've got used to been back on a floaty boat and enjoyed some lovely walks although not as long as usuals as Liz is suffering with a bad back. Ben is quite happy as long as he's been out and we've actually had some dry walks. Today it's hammering down again but it was dry for some of our walk this morning.
The washing dryer has been very busy with that washing mountain  but today it's having a rest. I particularly like the sensor drying which has a cupboard dry setting so the clothes can just be folded and  put away.  There's also an iron dry setting for those things that need ironing.....I don't do ironing! I just hang the shirts on coat hangers .
What have I been up to........not a lot really. We've been out to Sunday Lunch at the Wynstay Arms with Nick and Liz and my roast beef was beautiful. The others had the lamb and said that was good too.  Apple pie for afters but with icecream or cream and I like mine with custard. A lazy afternoon followed reading the Sunday papers and following some blogs on the computer. The signal here is pretty slow after two weeks on wi fi at Clare's which was superfast.
On Monday we did a Tesco shop in Wrexham for tins mainly as they're pricey in the Coop. The butcher's at Llangollen keeps us in meat and there's a choice of two green grocers so there's no point shopping in  Wrexham for that. Today we had a cheap cut of meat for lunch ....a stuffed and rolled breast of lamb with roasties and vegetables and it was very nice too but I had to do the dishes this time. But after that I was warm and cosy so didn't care about the rain outside.
The water level is down as CART has planned some work on a bridge below the waterline, although I haven't heard of any stoppages. As we are in a concrete section of the canal we haven't had a problem but we may have to alter the ropes if it goes down too much.

Update: Just been told the stoppage is next week (14-01-13), so the level will go down then......will have to watch the ropes and adjust if necessary.  Apparently the level is lower now due to the amount of water entering the canal further down.

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Back Onboard NB Bendigedig

Yesterday  we finally returned to Llangollen via Arriva Trains. The journey was fine, plenty of  room on the train although it seemed a long day. Back on the boat turned the gas and water back on and waited for the water pump to stop running..... but it didn't! No leaks anywhere just needed to open the taps as there must have been air in the system.
We scrounged some milk from Liz and Nick for a welcome cuppa as we unpacked. Later we went to get a meal at Fouzi's as the cupboards were bare. A very welcoming place to eat and a beautiful steak soon filled a very hungry pair.
Today we've been getting a Candy washer  dryer out of the boat with just two centimetres to spare on the back doorway. I ordered a new one  on the phone even though it's an online company (Appliancesonline) as I needed to discuss delivery to the boat. We just have to get the new one on the boat carefully, install it  and put the cupboard doors back on.  We've already had a text reminding me of the delivery tomorrow, and they'll let us know the time slot in the morning. There were videos on the site to help you choose which model you wanted although the dimensions of the machine were a deciding factor as it fits in the bottom of the wardrobe in a cupboard and had to get through the narrow back doors. The old machine is being taken away by them for recycling so I don't have to worry about how to get it to the local recycling centre. Hopefully all will go to plan and the washing mountain I've accumulated  will be considerably reduced.


Candy washer dryer  (GOW475) delivered and busy reducing the washing mountain. I throroughly recommend www.appliancesonline.co.uk. They informed us that is was delivery between 14.00 and 18.00 and we tracked our delivery online and the time slot reduced to 14.00 and 16.00. It arrived at 14.30 after a phone call for instructions to our location. The delivery was free too! The hard part was getting it on the boat with help from Bernie on NB Blue Diamond as Eric installed it himself.