Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Our First Christmas Dinner 2012

As usual we've been dog walking , one day we went to the Horseshoe Falls and other days along the muddy tracks around Dinas Bran butlast  Friday we had our first Christmas Dinner of 2012. Bernie off NB Blue Diamond arranged a get together at 'The Royal' in Llangollen. Company was good, food was delicious and excellent service........we even had complimentary mince pies and coffees provided by the owner. We certainly didn't need any food for the rest of the day!
The boats at the Llangollen moorings have been getting Chrismassy which delights the little girls from a nearby house, although Ben still barks at any thing that comes near the boat from behind the glass. At times he's a cowardy custard and hides if he hears the steam train blow it's whistle, aeroplanes and yesterday he didn't like the moon and wanted to get back on the boat. Other times he can be an unsociable pain in the backside but I love him to bits.

On Sunday Eric came walking with me and Ben, we walked the route below Dinas Bran in reverse starting from the canal so he didn't have the steep climb alongside Dinas Bran School through the sheep field just a climb up from the horse field. It was extremely muddy and I didn't kill him off!

Today I  went walking in Pen-y-coed woods, it was crunchy underfoot with the frost. We didn't see a soul and it was lovely and peaceful. I expect the very cold weather and frost covered hills put them off.  Last time we were at the woods Liz took a photo of Ben trying to get a huge log through a far too narrow gap........it made us smile. The other photo is a view of Llangollen from the entrance to the woods taken with my camera phone.

It''s too big!

A view of Llangollen from Pen-y-coed Woods
Back on the  boat, nice and warm and cosy now. Hope you are nice and warm too.

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