Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Quick Update...The Last Post Of 2012

Lisa and daughter Gwenllian
Our holiday to south Wales is coming to an end, it's been hectic but we've enjoyed the change being in Clare's house and seeing the family of course.  Gwenllian has been feeling poorly for most of our time here and today she was back to her normal happy, chatty self. Ben loved having someone to play ball with too.

Ben and Gwenllian
Clare lives at the top of a steep hill so all the dog walking ends with Ben pulling me back up the hill. As everywhere else the weather has been awful, days and days of heavy rain with just a few times when our walk was atleast dry overhead. Walking in the woods has been extremely muddy but has given Ben the chance to be off his lead. Walking back along the canal towpath (Monmouthshire & Brecon Canal) means Ben has a wash in the shallow sides of the canal before we climb the hill up to Clare's house. Eric greets us with a towel and a bowl of water and Ben is soon clean again.
We're travelling back by train, the cheaper option than hiring a car although we'll have to leave some of presents until the next time we visit as we just won't be able to fit them in the case. We'll be back to normal then in our boaty home........I am sure it'll feel rather quiet!
Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year !

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