Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Quick Update...The Last Post Of 2012

Lisa and daughter Gwenllian
Our holiday to south Wales is coming to an end, it's been hectic but we've enjoyed the change being in Clare's house and seeing the family of course.  Gwenllian has been feeling poorly for most of our time here and today she was back to her normal happy, chatty self. Ben loved having someone to play ball with too.

Ben and Gwenllian
Clare lives at the top of a steep hill so all the dog walking ends with Ben pulling me back up the hill. As everywhere else the weather has been awful, days and days of heavy rain with just a few times when our walk was atleast dry overhead. Walking in the woods has been extremely muddy but has given Ben the chance to be off his lead. Walking back along the canal towpath (Monmouthshire & Brecon Canal) means Ben has a wash in the shallow sides of the canal before we climb the hill up to Clare's house. Eric greets us with a towel and a bowl of water and Ben is soon clean again.
We're travelling back by train, the cheaper option than hiring a car although we'll have to leave some of presents until the next time we visit as we just won't be able to fit them in the case. We'll be back to normal then in our boaty home........I am sure it'll feel rather quiet!
Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year !

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Just A Few Pictures

Sally & Dave

My dad

Gwenllian & Sally

Eric on the train

Ben in unwrapping mode.........he loves ripping paper!

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Christmas has crept up on again and this year we decided to take the train to visit family rather than hire a car. As the presents were already bought and wrapped at Clare's we just had a couple of cases and the dog to transport. Arriva trains decided to have a strike this Friday so we ended up travelling earlier to miss the chaos with very full trains today (Thursday). Yesterday's trip was quiet with loads of room of the train so we had a space for Ben the dog to stretch out on the floor. Ben's an excellent traveller but eagerly got off the train into the taxi to go to our daughter Clare's house. She was still in work so he had to wait to give his excited greeting! He's smelling the presents looking for his present......he likes tearing off the paper!

 Thanks to for the picture and animation.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

It's Cold And Frosty In Llangollen

A frosty Santa and a cobweb on NB Henry

Frost on the branches

A frosty scene on the canal near Llangollen

Yesterday we woke to a scene of white, but it wasn't snow just a very heavy frost. On NB Henry Santa had a frosty coat next to a frosty spider's web. The birds outside were feasting on the nuts, meal worms, seeds and suet block. So we were entertained by their antics as  we ate a breakfast. We had an unusual visitor a jay and later a nuthatch as well as the blackbirds, blue tits, coal tits, great tits, long tailed tits, chaffinches and a robin.  Later walking along the towpath with Ben I took a picture of  the heavy hoar frost on the trees and the lift bridge enhanced a frosty scene. A large bird of prey sat in a tree on the opposite side of the canal and it  just stayed there as we passed.....I think it was a buzzard looking at the bird book. An enjoyable walk ............I was wearing thermals and Ben of course has a fur coat and he even stayed clean as the ground was rock hard.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Our First Christmas Dinner 2012

As usual we've been dog walking , one day we went to the Horseshoe Falls and other days along the muddy tracks around Dinas Bran butlast  Friday we had our first Christmas Dinner of 2012. Bernie off NB Blue Diamond arranged a get together at 'The Royal' in Llangollen. Company was good, food was delicious and excellent service........we even had complimentary mince pies and coffees provided by the owner. We certainly didn't need any food for the rest of the day!
The boats at the Llangollen moorings have been getting Chrismassy which delights the little girls from a nearby house, although Ben still barks at any thing that comes near the boat from behind the glass. At times he's a cowardy custard and hides if he hears the steam train blow it's whistle, aeroplanes and yesterday he didn't like the moon and wanted to get back on the boat. Other times he can be an unsociable pain in the backside but I love him to bits.

On Sunday Eric came walking with me and Ben, we walked the route below Dinas Bran in reverse starting from the canal so he didn't have the steep climb alongside Dinas Bran School through the sheep field just a climb up from the horse field. It was extremely muddy and I didn't kill him off!

Today I  went walking in Pen-y-coed woods, it was crunchy underfoot with the frost. We didn't see a soul and it was lovely and peaceful. I expect the very cold weather and frost covered hills put them off.  Last time we were at the woods Liz took a photo of Ben trying to get a huge log through a far too narrow made us smile. The other photo is a view of Llangollen from the entrance to the woods taken with my camera phone.

It''s too big!

A view of Llangollen from Pen-y-coed Woods
Back on the  boat, nice and warm and cosy now. Hope you are nice and warm too.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Some Views From The Top Of Dinas Bran

Castell Dinas Bran

Yes I made it to the top of Dinas Bran on a lovely sunny Monday morning, accompanied of course by Ben the dog, Liz and her dog Connie. We climbed up the zig zag paths to the top and then back down the rear of the hill. Yes I was slow going up but I did it!!  Here's some photos taken while we were up there with the wind blowing in our hair! ( Mine's too short to blow about!!)

Ben with views of the hills ( the nearest hill is Velvet Hill)

Liz with  Llangollen and Barber Hill behind her

Connie on the move

The Vale of Llangollen and  the River Dee

A view down to the town of Llangollen from Dinas Bran
Liz and the dogs going down the hill


Sunday, December 02, 2012

Another Week Gone By..............

A view of Llangollen from the towpath

Another week has gone by. Life in Llangollen is a mixture of the usual boaty chores, shopping, dog walking and leisure activities. This week I've been to Aqua aerobics, some short walks and some long walks with Liz and Connie her dog. We walked the Valle Crucis Abbey circuit one  morning and the route around Barber Hill another morning which left me suitably tired after two hours walking in the hills. As usual some lovely scenery for us to enjoy.

Another view of Castell Dinas Bran

Valle Crucis Abbey and Velvet Hill
Castell Dinas Bran and Llangollen Town

Looking at the news we've been very lucky as the floods did not affect us at all other than a loosening of the ropes as the water level rose just a few inches overnight. The CART men were busy overnight opening sluices to keep the levels fairly stable. The streams coming down from the hills have been raging torrents and lots of temporary new streams have appeared as the water struggled to find a way down. The river at Llangollen has been spectacular  and even the canoeists have stayed out of those raging torrents. A few low lying fields have been flooded by the River Dee as it headed towards the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct.

The Mandarin Duck family (Winter 2011)

I found this picture of the Mandarin Duck family from last winter, we haven't seen them togetter this year.