Monday, November 26, 2012

Recap On Last Week

What's been happening onboard NB Bendigedig? When things go wrong its usually in threes, we had one which was a leaky water pump, now we've had the other two problems. The other day the fire rope fell off the fire's door so as we had a spare we decided to replace it and get another spare from Watkins and Williams in no real problem.
The next morning we had no hot water which meant  getting the mattress off the bed and removing the slats to get at the calorifier. Eric had to  undo a bolt to remove the immersion heater cover, with the power switched off of course. It has two thermostats one of which has a reset button, so it was a case of using a screwdriver to twiddle the thermostat screws in case they had stuck (advice from Nick)  and return to original positions then press the reset button. It now works fine, thinking about it we did notice very hot water the night before it failed so the thermostat must have stuck!
Other than the usual dog walks in the mud and rain  and shopping in Wrexham I've also started going to Aqua Aerobics at Plas Madoc Leisure Centre with Liz. It was fun and I didn't ache afterwards, although my pace was a good deal slower than the energetic instructor on the poolside. It's just as well nobody could see what my legs were doing under the water! The water was lovely and warm as it follows a mums and babies session. The other plus was the Wednesday morning session is free for over 60's with a Pure card.
Eric's put up bird feeders so we've been watching the birds, we've had loads of smaller birds including a nuthatch while the bigger birds still come to the wooden bird table on the fence left behind by another boater. The ducks come and feed off the floor too, so we're helping to feed the wildlife. Other feeders are provided by Nick & Liz and Maggie & Bernie so the birds won't starve this winter.
Thinking of food we had a really lovely Sunday Lunch at the Wynstay Arms in Llangollen, so if you're in Llangollen give it a try.


Halfie said...

Nev, formerly of Waterlily, kindly pointed out to me this post about your immersion heater. I'm having those sort of problems on Jubilee, so I've now got something to go on. Thanks!

Elsie said...

Hope you get it sorted. Ours is still working, fingers crossed!