Friday, November 23, 2012

Just Pictures

Mandarin Duck (junior)

Mandarin Duck (adult male)

Each morning we have a young male Mandarin Duck waiting at the sidehatch for food, accompanied by a group of male and female Mallards. He's a plucky fellow and stands up for himself against the Mallards. Last year we used to see three Mandarin Ducks at Llangollen on the canal, the male pictured above, his mate and their youngster, but this year we'll only seen the youngster. The photograph above is the one Eric took  of the adult male which was published in the IWA Calendar 2011 (I think).
Llangollen after a snowfall
Appearing in the IWA 2012 for December is another of Eric's pictures of  the canal at Llangollen just after a snowfall. It's Nick's bike covered in snow. I wonder if we'll have snow this year?

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Elly and Mick said...

Aren't they gorgeous! Can't wait to see a Mandarin duck ourselves. We'll look out.
nb Parisien Star