Thursday, November 08, 2012

Busy, Busy In Newport

The last week has been busy, busy with dog walking, shopping and hospital visiting. It's been quite strange living in a house for over a week. Usually our spell as landlubbers is for a few days before we return to our normal life on the boat.  We've been staying in Clare's house while she resides  in her hospital bed suitably doped up and pain free. At the moment we're still don't know what's going on, but she has crutches and can move if she's pain free.
Ben and I have been walking in the local area as the Mon and Brecon Canal Crumlin Arm runs nearby, which can be reached by walking through the nearby Nature Reserve down to the canal. Wherever we walk the route always involve walking up or down a very steep hill, so I should be getting fitter......but maybe not. I am just thinking of Liz and Nick speeding up the hill on which Castell Dinas Bran lies in Llangollen compared to my usual pace of climbing it......but then they're much younger than me!!
I'm really ahead of myself this year as I've done nearly all my Christmas shopping and it's all packed ready so it can stay in Clare's spare bedroom until Christmas Day. There's no room to store parcels on the boat so it was easier to shop here.
Besides visiting Clare, we've been visiting my dad who was busy planting daffodil bulbs in his garden ready for spring. Each year his flower beds are bursting with flowers, he loves his garden and is always busy even though he's 85. We've also caught up with grandaughter Gwenllian, and daughters Lisa and Sally with their partners. Eric's sister Paula has been busy visiting Clare too, keeping her spirits up!

We had a phone call this morning and Clare is now home waiting for a specialist appointment in the post. With painkillers she can now move and hopefully the steroid injection she had in her spine will cause some improvement. We'll see how she gets on before we head back to Llangollen.


ANNE said...

Hope Claire is progressing well, Make the most of seeing family.
It doesn't seem long since your girls were the age of your grand daughter..

Elsie said...

Hi Anne,

Seems a very long time since my girls were four! It's been good seeing everyone but we miss our home. Take care, Elsie