Thursday, November 15, 2012

Back In Llangollen

Ben on the towpath
We arrived back in Llangollen yesterday afternoon just as it was getting dark. It seemed to have been a long day starting with a long walk for Ben before we left Newport. The train journey was just two and a quarter hours and we were lucky enough to find a pair of empty seats with some room at our feer for Ben to sleep the journey away. He was glad to get off the train at Ruabon and then it was a fifteen minute bus ride to Llangollen.
Back on the boat we turned on the gas, water and water pump only to find the pump was leaking badly. It's been a pain of a pump which usually has an occasional drip from the pipe connections to the pump when it's switched off but we didn't want to leave the water on to find it had emptied the water tank into the boat.  Eric's changed an o ring which seems to have done to trick......fingers crossed!!
After we'd unpacked we decided to go and get something to eat and ended up in the Wynstay Arms. On offer was two steaks and two drinks for £20 and the food was delicious, the bar warm with a lovely coal fire and  the staff friendly. Definately worth another visit.
Today I've been catching up with the washing and the water pump is behaving. The washing machine has erratic moments when it sticks on a wash program, but most of the time it works fine.
Ben and I enjoyed a lovely walk up around the bottom of Castell Dinas Bran then I followed some footpaths across the fields and back down to the canal. There are new stiles, gates and new signs  with just some sheep in one field who on seeing Ben moved away from us. He was on a lead of course.
Llangollen seems quiet and peaceful after a busy city like Newport. Yes it's good to be back on the boat although it's always nice to see our family.

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