Thursday, November 01, 2012

A Visit To Newport

Gwen the witch (left) with her witchy pal!
We've a busy few days starting with a slightly earlier than planned journey to Newport following a phone call telling us our  daughter Clare was in hospital. She's had a bad back for a while and it got so bad she  couldn't cope with the pain.....even morphine had little effect. The on call doctor came and arranged an ambulance. In hospital an MRI showed a disc in her back with a bulge pressing on her spinal nerves which at least explains the pain and lack of feeling in her leg and one foot. A steroid injection followed and  she's awaiting the effects of it as sometimes it doesn't work.
Ben was excellent on the train, lying by our feet for the two and a quarter hour journey. He couldn't wait to get off the train at Newport but wasn't keen on the hustle bustle and noise of Newport Station. Eric's sister Paula was kind enough to meet us at the station saving us the task of finding a taxi that would take a dog. She's been great looking after Clare while we were still away, during the painful days until they finally admitted her to hospital.
Today we caught up with daughter Lisa and grandaughter Gwen ( above as a Halloween witch) and my dad before we did the evening visiting session at the hospital. She must be feeling better, she's more her usual self although still on a lot of pain killers once the anaesthetic wore off.

Still in Newport visiting Clare each day. Looks like we'll be here for a while as Clare may need an operation.

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