Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Winter Mooring Booked On The Llangollen Canal

Moored near Ellesmere
Well the annual wait for Winter moorings to come online is over, as usual it was delayed from the original date and then the laptop wouldn't load the page to let me do it. Thanks to my Samsung phone I was able to book the mooring without using the laptop, although I had to find the pages to print off on my account later in the evening.  It took a while to find it in 'my profile' 'my vacancies' but now it's all done!
Today Eric and I are having haircuts in Ellesmere, he needs to get rid of the Captain Birdseye curls but he's keeping his beard of course......I like it!
We don't know what we're doing for the next week or so, we may take a trip down the Monty for a few days. Today we are definately staying put ..............the wind is blowing!


Anne said...

relax and enjoy the last part of your summer cruising. Glad you are "sorted" for the winter

Elsie said...

Hi Anne, nice to hear from you. It'll be good to see you too. love Elsie

Les and Jaqueline Biggs said...

Hi you two,
Isn't it lovely to be set for winter? It gives one a great sense of satisfaction to know winter can bring what it may--we are safe, secure, warm, dry and snug!
I loved the Llangollen and envy you your winter mooring up there. We will cruise down the GU heading slowly for London when we return from the U.S. with plans to do the Southern Waterways next year.

Elsie said...

Hi Les & Jaq,

Yes we're back to Llangollen for another winter, so glad its all arranged for another year. No plans yet for next year but no doubt we'll meet somewhere on the cut.

Take care. Elsie & Eric