Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Slow Boat In Ellesmere

The last few days have been spent doing the usual stuff, walking the dog in the rain and doing some shopping. We spent our 72 hours down on the Ellesmere Arm with a nice hard surface alongside the boat, but now we're next to the usual wet grass and mud which towpaths often are. There is a stretch of that horrible gritty path we could have moored next to but the grey dust gets everywhere. Lots of familiar faces amongst the boaters at Ellesmere, some waiting to take up their winter moorings in Ellesmere others going to continuously cruise for the winter.
We moved yesterday after using the services to fill and empty things, so now we're just sitting here before continuing on our journey to Llangollen for the winter months. Ellesmere is a lovely little place and Ben loves the walks through the woods alongside the Mere and the canal towpath. Today the sun is shining so it'll be busy with lots of walkers and dog walkers about.

A view of the Mere at Ellesmere, Shropshire
There's lots of Canaltime and Viking Afloat boats speeding past us this morning at the crack of dawn who needs an alarm clock! But we still love to stay in Ellesmere!

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