Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Moored Above Audlem

Leaving Market Drayton

On Monday we left Market Drayton after a stop to top up the water tank and empty a cassette. The Shroppie Canal has quite a few of sanitary stations once you've passed Wheaton Aston. Ben and I walked for a while 'til a downpour soaked me in minutes and I got back onboard for a change of clothes while Ben had a rubdown with a towel.
At the top of Adderley Locks we moored up for a pop to the Farm Shop hoping to buy some lamb but they won't have any until Friday so we had some pork instead. Just fairy cakes, eggs and jams on view at the side of the lock with the rest in the shop next to the farmhouse. I asked about her Victoria Sponge Cakes and Alison told us about some thieves who had stolen all the stock from the stall a few weeks ago........Victoria Sponges, Lemon Drizzle and Carrot Cakes, Eggs and Jams including her cool boxes. with bacon and sausages. 
Adderley Locks didn't take long as the boat going down in front was kind enough to lift a paddle for us so by the time we got to the next lock it was already full. We passed them moored up above Audlem Top Lock and said Thanks! We continued down two locks to moor up at Coxbank for a few days, a good spot as Audlem is not far away so we can walk down the locks for anything we need.
We managed to miss the rain today, it emptied down when we got back on the boat and tomorrow we're hoping for a dry day as there's another thirteen locks to do, but going down is usuall much quicker.........let's hope they aren't all set against us.

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