Tuesday, October 09, 2012

LIft Bridges And Mosses At Prees Junction

Leaving Grindley Brook behind we cruised up to the Lift Bridge at Whitchurch, the first of five which would take us as far as Prees Junction. Ben and I got off the boat at the bridge hole to start our walk and do the bridge, but it was open and a hireboat let us go through before they closed it. The next one I did and the one after that was opened by a boat coming towards us.   After that I did one and the next one was left open by a hireboat to let us and another boat through, the hireboat crew had already gone so we had to use the boat as a bridge to get across the canal to close it.
At Prees Junction Eric took a left turn down to get fuel at Whixall Marina which meant two more lift bridges......oh no! Ben was already waiting on the bridge for me to catch up! At least both the bridges are operated by hydraulics so dangling from a chain is a thing of the past......I could never open it! At the Marina we used the automated diesel pump set at 0%  (90p a litre) to top up the tank. It uses a card reader so it now doesn't matter if the shop/chandlery is open or not, today it a was shut.
So it was two more lift bridges to get off the Prees Arm and moor up on a boat length of armco on the long straight next to the Mosses and Fens. This morning we woke to a typical autumn mooring surrounded by a cold wet mist which came down overnight, it's beginning to lift a bit so we can see the boat moored a few hundred yards ahead of us.
I've just finished using this secondary double glazing film which I managed to find in the hardware shop in Nantwich. I got the last lot we used in Homebase but I tried the Market Drayton store and they didn't have any. It's amazing stuff you just put the double sided sticky tape around the frame and cut some film slightly bigger than the window and stretch it on, trim it to tidy it up and hairdryer it to get rid off any wrinkles. It's advantage is no more windows running with condensation when it's cold outside, although we've left the kitchen window, bathroom and bedroom port holes without the film so we can open them.
The fire's lit, the windows are done............all set for winter!!!

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