Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Going Down The Audlem Flight

Going down the Audlem 15
Today we left our mooring at Coxbank (our 48hrs was up!) and began the descent down through Audlem. The first seven locks were done in the record time of an hour as they were full or just needed topping up where the bottom gates had leaked. Eric always helps with the paddles and gates which speeds thing up too.
In Audlem the waterpoint by The Shroppie Fly was not in use but the one below the lock was available. Outside the pub was extremely quiet - I don't expect the weather helps and  the kitchen is closed until further notice. I popped to the Coop while the water tank filled up before we continued down the last three locks of the flight.
Back on the boat then for a cruise to Coole Pilate where just three boats are moored including us. The wind is pinning us to the bank on the towpath side so no problem mooring up ................let's hope it eases when we want to move on!

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