Saturday, October 06, 2012

Back On The Llangollen Canal

Going up but looking down Hurleston Locks

Eric shutting the lock gate behind him.
On Friday we began our journey on the Llangollen Canal, with not a boat in sight as we climbed the flight of locks at Hurleston. Luckily all the locks were set for us. No lock keeper on duty at all, but we had no problems, we lifted the pipe fenders before we entered the narrow bottom lock.

We cruised all the way to Wrenbury, working through Swanley and Baddiley locks and Church Lift Bridge. We met a few boats coming in the opposite direction, mostly hireboats returning to base. Wrenbury was almost deserted except for a private boat and a hire boat so we could moor where we liked next to a muddy towpath.
On Saturday we decided to move while the weather was good and worked through ten more locks in the sunshine.  I saw the house I'd like if I had the cash.......Marbury Lock Cottage is for sale with a mooring..........but I can only dream!
Ben and I had a good walk along deserted towpaths in between the locks. At Grindley Brook we did the first three locks and waited below the staircase until I could go up and find the lock keeper. He was at lunch and the boat at the top wanted to go down first even though the locks were set for us. The lock keeper came back from lunch and told him he had to wait!
So we're moored up above the locks, Eric wants to watch the Grand Prix tomorrow and I want to roast that piece of belly pork I bought at the farm shop........ it's now stuffed and rolled ready to cook.


artymess said...

lovely I checked out Marbury Lock Cottage its quite lovely but nice price tag on it !!...x

Elsie said...

Hi Artymess, I looked at the photos on the website.....very nice interior too but I'd need to win the lottery!!

Anne said...

I had a peek, too.

Elsie said...

Hi Anne,
On our way to Llangollen. Hope you and Dermot are well. I loved your family picture with your children and grandchildren.

Love Elsie & Eric

Elsie said...
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