Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Week Away From It All

The last week has been spent in the peace and quiet of the Montgomery Canal. It's been rather damp and dismal with drizzle and mists down at the bottom end but incredibly quiet. Opposite the boat you could watch pheasants and rabbits  frolicking in the field.
On Sunday afternoon I walked to the top of Aston Locks with Ben the dog and found NB Henry coming down so I helped them through before having a ride back down to Maesbury Marsh. Ben and Connie did their usual rolling around together play fighting after seven months apart. Ben got a bit carried away with lots of teeth but no biting thank goodness so I had to tell him that was enough. Then they just ignored each other for the rest of our walk. Nick and Liz  moored their boat up next to us at Maesbury Marsh. and we had a few days together.
I visited the nearby cafe, it used to be a post office/shop but sells very little in the way of basics, just milk, bacon and sausages. Of course the cafe had various cakes and scones on the menu. So on Monday Eric and I went for a long walk to West Felton as we knew there was a shop there, we needed bread and some biscuits and chocolate! It took us an hour and a half to walk the three miles and then we had to walk back! Ben enjoyed it but we were shattered. My boots had decided to give up the ghost and leak so I had very wet feet. I've got some news ones but I've been keeping them until the others died.
On Tuesday Nick and Eric took the boats down through the lift bridge to wind at the last winding hole. The lift bridge wouldn't go all the way up so the boats only just fitted underneath. We moored up just after The Narrowboat Inn. On Tuesday evening  we caught up on all the events of the summer over a few pints in the pub.
Today we headed back up to the Weston Arm as Eric wanted to finish painting the gunnels on the boat. We are now ready for our passage up the Frankton Locks on Thursday lunch time. Bye to Liz, Nick and Connie but we'll catch up in Llangollen as we 're mooring up there for the winter.

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