Monday, October 29, 2012

A View From The Side Hatch

Castell Dinas Bran from the side hatch
We woke this morning to the early bird boaters' passing us by at eight o'clock. Later in the day the sun was shining and you could see Castell Dinas Bran ( the castle ruins) on the hill top but it's too small in the photo.
Ben and I walked down to Llangollen to see how full the online moorings were and found them totally empty. I rang Eric and let him know there was just one hire boat going towards him in the narrows, after that it was ok for him to come through. The crew of NB Lacewing waited patiently for him to come through.
Soon we were moored up in our favourite spot. Later a few more boats arrived and moored up too. All settled now regardless of what the weather throws at us.

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