Saturday, September 08, 2012

Retracing Our Steps

The last few days the signal has been useless and at the bottom of Bosley locks last night was non Internet, no phones but great satellite signal.  But we're just retracing our steps so not much to say.
In the pound at Bosley Locks
Yesterday I started the day with a three mile cycle ride to the top of  Bosley Locks with Ben running alongside the bike. Initially he always tries to eat my feet and is very vocal but I shout no and it all stops and we enjoyed the ride. We did stop a few times to let Eric catch up and Ben have a splash and a drink of water.
Eric working the lock
Working through Bosley Locks was good as each one was full, all we had to do was open the top gates. Going down is always easier and Eric and I shared the lock wheeling and the steering and I didn't crash at all..........just as well with the walkers watching me enter the lock! This flight of locks is unusual as both ends of the lock have paired mitred gates with no walkways across, so you have to use the bridge at each lock bottom.
Another view of 'The Cloud'
Last night we sat at the lovely mooring at the bottom of the Bosley flight, at first just two boats but a few moor came later. It's a beautiful spot on an embankment next to the aqueduct over the River Dane. From the window we can see a different view of 'The Cloud'. It's just so quiet here!
Today we're approaching Congleton,  Ben and I have had a nice walk  and then we're popping into town to do a bit of shopping while Ben looks after the boat.

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