Tuesday, September 04, 2012

NB Bendigedig's In Bugsworth Basin

Bugsworth Basin
We made it to Bugsworth Basin after a very long day. The weather was great so we decided to make the best of it and get to the basin. Progress was slower on the Macc above the locks as there were far more moored boats and it was the same on the Upper Peak Forest Canal. The lift bridge we came across took a lot of opening, much worse than any on the Llangollen Canal. I had fun with the swing bridges too when the key refused to turn but then worked for Eric! I ended up taking the boat through the swing bridges.
Arriving at Bugsworth about five o'clock and there was room in the Lower Basin so we moored up there. You can hear the waterfalls on the brook nearby so it was ear plugs for me last night but I slept til 9.30am. In the morning we explored the basins with Ben the dog and then I had a ten minute bike ride to Tesco's to get a few essentials. Eric was sat on a bench in the sun waiting for me with Ben the dog, when I got back. He's a funny thing he didn't bark at me on the bike.
By teatime the moorings soon filled up, another lovely day! On the move again tomorrow as we can't stay any longer.


Liz said...

Looks nice & sunny at Bugsworth, brings back some nice memories. Surprised you've got to move on though, we stayed 4 or 5 days couple years ago, just had to make a donation.

Elsie said...

Hi Liz,

Nobody here to make a donation to. I don't mind moving as it's sunshine not rain! Need to be comparatively near a railway station for 18th September for my last dental appointment so going to Church Lawton.

Take care, Elsie