Sunday, September 30, 2012

Moored At Market Drayton

The bridge with the telegraph pole
Before we left Norbury Junction we filled up with water and got some coal from the boatyard. The nights are cold now so the fire is lit in the evenings. Excel was £10.50 for a 25kg bag......not bad for a boat yard. Diesel was cheap as they appear to price match Turners at Wheaton Aston.
The picture is the one often taken with a relic of the past with a short telegraph pole actually mounted on the bridge. It's at the beginning of Grub Street Cutting well known for the state of the towpath after bridge 40, where I got back on the boat so I didn't have to paddle.........not that Ben would mind.
There's some amazingly high bridges in the cuttings especially in Woodseaves, although you can't walk through it anymore as the towpath is closed as they are concerned about rock falls and health and safety no doubt. The grass had been cut though so it's still usable in an emergency. We've seen three kingfishers, or maybe the same one in the cuttings, always an amazing sight to see them fish.

In one of the cuttings!

After Woodseaves Cutting you come to Tyrley Locks,  Tyrley Cutting and then you are on the approach to Market Drayton. Going down the locks is always easier and we actually met two boats coming up so gates could be left open for the approaching boats. Very few boats on the move today as it's late September and quite cold in the wind in exposed places.
At Market Drayton we were in luck, a space to moor between two boats our we pulled in. I went off to Morrisons on the bike  which was a great deal quicker than walking and I didn't have to carry anything with my panniers. I'll have to go and get another shop though as there's things we still need. We'll stay a few days as we're in no rush just making our way to Llangollen for the winter months.
A picture  of NB Bendigedig leaving Market Drayton (taken previously)
NB Bendigedig is flowerless at the moment so this is an earlier picture, but one I like. I need to get the spring bulbs in too!


Sue Hunter said...

Hi Elsie. Nice to see you the other day - well, we saw Eric at least! We passed on the Shroppie, we've escaped for 6 months and are on our way dahn saaath (ish) for the winter, after spending a bit of time in the Black Country, and you're on your way back up to Llangollen. Have a good winter! Sue & Dave

Elsie said...

Hi Sue & Dave,

Eric told me you'd passed by.Enjoy your winter down south. See you when you return to the Llangollen Canal.

Take care, Elsie & Eric