Saturday, September 01, 2012

Moored Above Bollington

The Hovis Mill in Macclesfield

We left our mooring and headed for Macclesfield, through cuttings with high sided stone retaining walls and found space for just two boats at Macclesfield Visitor Mooring and a waterpoint . We were also a long way from the bank, just as well we only stopped to get a paper and some milk as the signs said no engine running on these moorings. Macclesfield is home to the impressive Hovis Mill which is no longer used for milling.
Moving on we finally moored up above Bollington, where the canal is above the town on a stone laid embankment. We crossed the aqueduct and actually found a space on the moorings just long enough for us. Eric got the satellite to work by putting it on a long pole, as I wanted to watch Dr Who!
NB Bendy at Bollington

We'd heard about 'White Nancy' but didn't know what is was until we spotted in on a hill. It's a white painted monument which was decorated this year to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee. There's closer pictures and lots more information on this website.
White Nancy on the hill

Tomorrow we'll have a look at Bollington, going down the steps should be OK but I'll definately need a breather on the way back up!


Nick said...

Excellent micro brewery & pub diagonally across park / playing fields below aqueduct!

Elsie said...

Hi Nick,

We sampled the park but not the ale! Staying put today as Eric's watching the grand Prix.

Take care, Elsie