Saturday, September 15, 2012

Meandering Stone To Tixall Wide

Looking back at Haywood Junction

On Thursday we decided to leave Stone behind and cruise for a few hours to moor up just short of Weston on Trent. Ben and I enjoyed a pleasant walk with just us walking the towpath which meant meant Ben was free of his lead. We passed the new marina at Stone just twenty minutes walk from Stone after working throught the lock, where a milepost shows it's the halfway point on the Trent and Mersey Canal between Preston Brook and Shardlow. No uphill traffic so we had to fill the lock to go down, we knew there was a boat in front of us and several in a queue following us.
We managed to moor up after Bridge 81 by finding a space to put  chains down on the old metal bars along the bankside............our usual mooring spot before the bridge was already filled. Later in the day we lit the fire as the temperature drops down during the night leaving lots of condensation on the windows. Eric resealed around the interior windows while they were nice and dry as a few cracks had appeared in the sealant around the metal frames.
We needed water on Friday, very evident with the amount of bow out of the water! So we had to move despite it being a very windy day, wind always makes narrowboating interesting to say the least especially when you need to get into a lock mouth or round a corner at a junction.  After filling up with water which took an age we had fun getting through the bridge at  Haywood Junction to go up to Tixall Wide as the wind caught us as we waited for a boat to come through the bridge hole.
Anglowelsh were having problems too, as they had no electricity so couldn't process card payments, we paid for our gas bottle in cash but wouldn't have had enough cash if we needed a tank of diesel. Luckily we didn't need fuel as we'd filled up at Heritage Marina on the Macclesfield Canal. We passed some workers on the pylons on our way to Tixall Wide, hopefully sorting out the lack of power.

Tixall Wide from the boat side hatch( it's nice and calm on Saturday)
We found  a space to moor at the far end of the Wide, protected we hoped from the wind by a screen of trees opposite us. Luckily the wind was blowing us towards the bank so mooring up wasn't a problem. It quite usual to have waves here as it's open but it's always a lovely quiet place to stop for a few  days.

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