Saturday, September 01, 2012

Lots Of Locks At Bosley

Bosley Locks with the Cloud in the background
Yesterday we worked through the twelve Bosley Locks in just two and a half hours. Ahead of us was NB Cassie Too and they helped us by lifting the bottom paddle as they left the lock ahead. It turns out they've been reading my blog for years but we've never actually met in person before. Apologies for not mentioning your names but I must be having a senior moment !

We also met fellow bloggers on NB Like Ducks 2 Water and enjoyed a quick chat at the lock. A few days ago we met NB Cleddau who read the blog, can't remember their names either........sorry.

At the top of Bosley Locks it a was time to fill and empty things while some pasties cooked in the oven thanks to Ginsters... not home made.  They weren't as nice as the pasties you actually buy in Cornwall though.

On our way again and then we stopped a few bridges away from Macclesfield where it's nice and open and we can still see the BT Tower on the hill now south of us.

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