Sunday, September 23, 2012

Locking In Autumn Sunshine

On Friday we decided to stay put as the weather forecast said lots of rain. At nine thirty in the morning I heard a beep beep and Heather on NB Bleasdale stopped to say hello before pulling in a few boats up......I was still in my pyjamas! Later she came to share our sphaghetti bolonaise and we had a lovely evening with Heather keeping us entertained. Leaving Radford Bank on Saturday morning in sunshine, we shouted bye to Heather, no doubt our paths will cross again.......she was still in her pyjamas!
According to the calendar Saturday was the start of Autumn and it was a beautiful warm, dry day so there were boats everywhere. Queuing at Deptmore Lock for over an hour was the start of the ten locks we worked through, so we knew it was going to be  a long day. Ben and I enjoyed walking until we came to the section of canal which runs alongside a busy road, where we climbed back on board. This canal is particularly noisy anyway with the motorway never far away.
Above Penkridge Lock we waited to use the facilities  but soon everything was filled and emptied and we were on own way. The boat moves better when the bow is down with a full water tank.  Lots of people about and plenty of chat going on at the locks as we helped the boats through the locks until it was our turn, sometimes we had four boats ahead of us.
We finally moored up a few locks down from Gailey, six hours after we started so a long day for us but it was nevertheless a lovely day. I really must take some photographs!

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