Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Locking Down To Stone

Up bright and early ..for us anyway.....and away by 9.30am as we had eight locks to go down to Stone and we hoped to get a mooring at the bottom of the locks. It usually fills up quickly with boats going shopping in Stone.
Passing through the first bridge hole and going past a stream of moored boats, a voice shouted to Eric....it was Heather who we last saw on the Rochdale Canal as she followed us up a flight of locks. Arranging to meet later we carried on and at the first lock there was a queue to go down to Stone.
So progress was slow as almost every lock had to filled before we could use it, but plenty of time to chat with boaters at the lock as I helped them with the paddles hoping to speed up the process. In all it took us four hours until we were safely moored up on the five day moorings in the very last big space. Later a few boats left with their shopping completed so the latecomers were able to moor up.
I badly needed a haircut with two months growth and waves in my hair, not a look I like! At 'Lock Keepers' the salon near the canal I popped in and asked about a cut and she asked me to come back at four so I went off to do some shopping to get something for tea before going back. I've had my hair cut there several times before and have been pleased with the cut, so it now feels agreat deal better.
Planning to stay put tomorrow enjoying a bit of civilisation before we head out into the country again.

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