Friday, August 10, 2012

To Radford Bank And Above Deptmore Lock

Sleeping swans at Radford Bank (by Eric)
Eric returned on Tuesday after a train journey which proved rather stressful. Cross Country Trains have a system where the seats have an overhead notification of whether they are booked or available but in some cases it changes during the journey meaning Eric played musical chairs. He actually sat in four different seats being moved by the holder of a booked ticket each time and found no available seats on the whole train although there were empty seats. He was glad when that journey was over.

On Wednesday morning we moved to Radford Bank for a change of scenery and the swans asleep opposite the boat made us smile. In the evening we went and had a carvery meal at the Radford Bank Inn, very nice too.

On Thursday it was my turn to head for Newport for an asthma checkup and a dental checkup. I also needed to see the doctor as I've had a hoarse voice for a few weeks now. Anyway  my journey down was let eventful than Eric's, as I didn't get moved once although the sign said 'available but may be booked during the journey'. I stayed at Clare's house and we had a  curry for tea. All the health visits done so on Friday I went to see my dad before catching the train back to Eric and Ben the dog.

We moved when I got back to the boat just as far as Deptmore above the lock giving Ben a walk. He's a funny dog he wouldn't walk far with Eric.

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