Sunday, August 19, 2012

Saturday Sunset At Coxbank, SUC

Moored at Coxbank, SUC
Soon after we arrived and moored just off the visitor moorings at Coxbank, the boat in front of us left so we were able to move up a boat length. This meant we could get a satellite signal for our weekend stop. We wanted a few days to get a few jobs done on the boat. First of all Eric wanted to polish the one side with a special Craftmaster polish which acts rather like Tcut and restores the original paint colour and I needed to  clean the well deck.

After a pleasant Saturday starting with a walk down the locks into Audlem with Eric and Ben the dog we had a lovely if rather hot day.  I was busy making a new fly screen for the side hatch and Eric was polishing the boat. I didn't get around to cleaning the well deck but perhaps it'll get done today. The side of the boat certainly looks so much better  after Eric's hard work.

We had a beautiful sunset last night and Eric took some photographs.

I have been very itchy the last few days as a mosquito or two must have been in the boat overnight and had a feast on me, leaving a dozen bites while I was asleep. So last night before we went to bed we made sure no little pests were onboard. They didn't get me last night!


Yvonne said...

We have an electric bug zapper, the one with a blue light to attract the little beasties, and we hang this in the cratch for half an hour before bedtime, leave the front doors open and turn out all the lights. The bugs are drawn towards the light to their doom, which means no nasty bites during the night. It was about £10 from a hardware shop and works extremely well.

artymess said...

Beautiful photos of the sunset Elsie ..x

Elsie said...

Hi Yvonne,

Eric's got a fly swat but I'll look out for a bug zapper.

Hi Artymess,

It was a lovely sunset!

Take care Elsie