Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sandbach To Wheelock And Beyond

Moored Above Lock 65
On Friday we cruised nearly as far as Bridge 160 and moored up for the rest of the day and night. We managed to work through Whardle Lock (going down) and then five up locks raising us about fifty feet. Ben and I walked a lot of the way. When we pulled in the boat behind was none too pleased to see know the doors get closed.......and then came out to watch us moor up without a word but not a happy face either. Apart from the occasional bang on the concrete sides when a boat went past, it was a good place to stop. A good cruise and we didn't get wet either.
In the morning we cruised past the home of 'Carefree Cruising' also the home of 'Northwich Boats', no sign of life. We spotted Northwich boat 104  moored outside and we are number 32, so that's quite a few boats in five years. I got off to walk the dog and walked as far as  Wheelock, just over two miles in all and it rained just as Eric pulled in to the waterpoint at Wheelock. We used the rest of the services before working through the first two locks starting 'Heartbreak Hill' . This nickname was given to the 26 locks which raise or lower the canal  250 feet in seven miles. A lot of  the locks on this stretch are duplicated with a pair of narrow locks, which usually means one of them is set for you.
So we're moored in the pound after Lock 65 and you can hear the golfers on the golf course over the hedge hitting their golf balls. You can still hear the buzz of the busy A road too.  Tomorrow we'll be going into one of these lock chambers, I don't know which til I walk up to do the paddles!
A duplicate pair of Locks (64)
The ducks came out to play today!

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