Tuesday, August 07, 2012

On Tixall Wide

Reflections of a heron
Yesterday Eric went back to Newport for a doctor's appointment, he needed cream for his psoriasis and the practise decided he needed to be seen before they gave him any more. The doctor  looked at him and his notes as the cream was what the skin specialist advised and just gave a prescription. The cream is expensive so perhaps someone was trying to cut costs!

Meanwhile I am enjoying the delights of Tixall Wide. Opposite the boat this morning is a heron on a reed island just floating along, and I liked his reflection in the water so I took his picture.

We've had some horrendous rain storms but luckily we've not been walking when it chucked it down. Today we'll walk between the showers, hopefully. Tixall Wide is full of moored narrowboats  but it's still surprisingly quiet. Sometimes you can hear the trains as they go along the track into Shugborough Tunnel but usually you could hear a pin drop.

We've met a few blog readers, the crew of NB Nomadic Starr and NB Like A Duck 2 Water all stopped to talk to us, so Good Morning to you and thanks for reading my blog. The sun has come out so I 'm off for a walk, when I've got dressed .......I don't want to frighten the locals!


artymess said...

what a great photo of the Heron Elsie..they are such beautiful birds....although the time one visited our garden pond full of Koi and Ghost carp I was not impressed...it wasn't the Heron's fault i should have netted the pond to stop it fishing .....:(

Elsie said...

Hi Artymess,

We had a pond which was visited by a heron until we covered it with a net. The fish in a pond are easy to catch as they can't get away.

Take care, Elsie