Monday, August 27, 2012

Locking In The Wind And The Rain

Today we did eight locks and the weather started off dry but soon hammered down, so we both had wet trousers as we didn't put our waterproof trousers on!  The wind also made boating interesting! We kept going finally mooring on the moorings near All Saint's Church, Church Lawton.
Although it was a steady stream of boats all going up the locks, we helped each other with the lady on the boat in front lifting a paddle to empty a lock for us, and us preparing the lock for the boat behind. She then came up and shut our the lock gate after  us. It certainly speeded up the process as we were moored up by lunch time.
We're planning to stop at Red Bull to get a few essentials before we leave the Trent and Mersey Canal to go up the Macclesfield Canal. NB Valerie may still be on the Macc so we'll be looking out  for you Jaq and Les.

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