Sunday, August 12, 2012

Heading For The Shroppie

The much photographed Gailey Toll House- now a Gift Shop

We left our mooring a few locks down from Gailey after I'd walked up to get a Sunday paper with Ben. Arriving at the Shell Garage I was told you'll have to wait!  (he was having a fuel delivery). Definately a happy chappy! But luckily for me the sandwich delivery man came- he wouldn't wait, so I got my paper a bit quicker with the garage guy saying I was lucky! What happened to service with a smile.

Just two locks to do until Autherley Junction and at Gailey Lock the heavens opened with a heavy down pour and I got pretty wet as my coat was on the boat. The rain continied so we pulled over near Bridge 74 knowing it was a nice quiet spot.

Eric had a lovely job to do , cleaning out the shower filter as the pump was sluggish. Later we decided to give the cream roof a wash but ended up scrubbing it, but it definately a better colour now. You don't realise quite how dirty it is until you wash it. The rest of the day was spent being thoroughly lazy, reading the paper and watching the closing ceremony of the Olympics. Eric saw it all but by 10.30 my bed was calling me.

This  morning we'll be up and away, just one small lock at Autherley Junction and we'll be back on the Shroppie (Shropshire Union Canal) with its embankments and cuttings- one of Eric's favourite canals.

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