Saturday, August 11, 2012

Cruising From Deptmore To Gailey

Eric at Bogg's Lock, Staffs & Worcs Canal
Today we left our mooring above Deptmore lock and there was a boat waiting to take our space. Ben and I walked admiring the posh houses and lovely gardens of Acton Trussell as we passed  through.  We did a couple of locks and stopped at Midland Chandlers as the Elsan fluid is on offer ( 2 x 5 litres for £20) which is nearly £8 cheaper than elsewhere.

Before we carried on cruising we had some lunch and then it was five locks to get through before we could stop as it's very noisy along that stretch with the M6 running so close. At Penkridge we stopped for water, did the cassettes and got rid of the accumulated rubbish as it's the first lot of facilities since Great Haywood and we there a week ago.

Lots of boats on the move so it was nice to have gates open for us and plenty of people to chat to. We met the hire boaters from Gailey off on their rings in a week, I didn't envy them..... they'd need a holiday to get over it.

We stopped above Bogg's Lock, you can still hear the motorway but it's more a loud buzz than horrendous noise, I may need ear plugs tonight after all.

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