Sunday, August 05, 2012

Back To Tixall Wide

Gwenllian posing for a photo at Great Haywood
Leaving Rugeley we were surprised to find a winding hole just past the railway bridges which meant we could turn around far earlier than we thought. On the map it looked like Handsacre was the closest as the Rugeley one wasn't marked. Ben and I had a lovely walk while Lisa and Gwen were busy feeding the swans and ducks off the back of the boat. We only had Colwich Lock to go through and there were only three boats ahead of us so it didn't take too long with boats coming from Great Haywood as well. We moored up  a twenty minute walk away from the village and Eric managed to get satellite TV.

On Saturday morning Gwen was up at seven o'clock full of beans!  After a shower and breakfast we were soon ready to go and catch the bus from Great Haywood to Stafford. Eric and I were going too as the railway station is the other side of town to the bus stop. We popped in MacDonalds for a take out lunch which we ate in the park opposite the railway station. Gwen had her own Peppa Pig suitcase which she pulled along. We waved them off on the platform and then headed into town to get some vegetables before we caught the bus back to Great Haywood where Ben was waiting for us.We arrived just as a thunderstorm happened and found Ben hiding in the bathroom, the place he seems to go when he's scared. He wouldn't out until the storm finished so we had a very quiet boat.

On Sunday we went to fill up with water, get rid of the rubbish and empty cassettes before heading up to Tixall Wide for a few  days.  Thunderstorms again so Ben's hiding!

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