Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Visit To Congleton And The Cloud

The boat and Ben in the dark
Yesterday we had a stay put day as the weather was wet, wet and more wet. I did manage a walk with Ben for a couple of miles in between the heavy showers but the horrendous weather put us off visiting  Little Moreton Hall. I even lit a small fire as the boat felt cold and very humid with steamed up windows.
Today we carried on cruising or at least Eric did, Ben and I walked the towpath as far as  Congleton Vistor Moorings. I did remember the turnover bridge where the towpath changes sides just before the moorings. Eric and I  decided to walk down the hill into Congleton as we'd not been there before. We spotted a 91 bus so decided on the way down to catch the bus back up the hill. I was pleasantly surprised to find a lovely little town with quite a few banks, Gregg's, Boots, WH Smith and a Morrison's as well as hairdressers, barbers, cobblers, wool shop and lots of little shops with pretty stuff in the windows.
The town is called Beartown by the locals, the best tale about the town concerned the town's pet bear who died around 1600 from the plague and they used the money saved to pay for a new bible to buy a new bear according to Pearson's. Nowadays the town has sponsored a bear called Bosley who was rescued from a bile farm and it now being rehabilitated to live with a group of bears. There's a good website with lots of information about Congleton and a news update about the bear.
Returning to the boat with bread and milk we decided to move on into the countryside and stopped near Bridge 65 opposite this lovely view of the 'The Cloud' a distinctive hill at the end of the gritstone escarpment, which runs parallel to the canal. It's 1,125 ft above sea level and is on the border between Cheshire and Staffordshire. Lots of information on 'The Cloud' can be found  on Wikipedia.
A view from our window!


Rick said...

Hi Elsie,

Just as a memory jogger, you called into Heritage back in 2009 along with Shush and paid us a visit.

We've gone back CCing and hope to see you in Llangollen later in the year.

Marion and Richard

Les and Jaqueline Biggs said...

Hi Elsie and Eric,
That is a fabulous picture of the Cloud! We just came off the Maccie on Monday. Sorry to have missed you! We are heading for the Caldon next. Are you going up the Peak Forest Canal?
Jaq and LesXX

Elsie said...

Hi Rick,

yes I do member our visit to see you and Marion on Cartref! See you in Langollen subject to CART getting their act together concerning winter moorings,

Take care, Elsie & Eric

Hi Jaq & Les,

Sorry to have missed you both. We are going up the Peak Forest to Bugsworth and then coming back down the Macc and probably heading for the Bridgewater Canal.

Take care, Elsie & Eric

artymess said...

will you have a walk up the Cloud ....looks a bit strenuous ...x

Elsie said...

Hi Artymess,

I can't cope with climbs like that, and neither can Eric so we'll give it a miss. Looks pretty though! Take care, Elsie