Monday, July 30, 2012

Visitors At Radford Bank

Gwen waiting to move

Gwen with grandad Eric in Deptmore Lock

On Sunday afternoon we arrived at Radford Bank and decided to stay facing towards Deptmore Lock since there was a space rather than going up to turn around before coming back to Radford Bank. The good thing too was we hadn't eaten so we went and had a Sunday roast at the pub next to the moorings. Ben had a doggy bag of roast beef so he didn't mind us going at all.

In the morning I took Ben for a short walk, his choice not mine as he likes to walk with the boat and it wasn't going anywhere until Lisa and Gwen arrived. I caught the bus into Stafford and did some shopping before meeting them on the platform at Stafford Station. A taxi back to Radford Bank as it's £1.60 each on the bus and a taxi cost £5.30 and it easier anyway with suitcases and shopping.

We decided to have lunch in the 'Radford Bank' before our cruise began. Back on the boat Gwen had her life jacket on and was soon ready to go sitting on the hatch next to grandad of course. We worked through Deptmore Lock and turned around by 'The Moat House' before mooring up  a couple of bridges away from Deptmore Lock.

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