Monday, July 16, 2012

A Short Trip To Hopwas In The Rain

NB Bendigedig
Today it was just an hour's cruise giving Ben a walk with me and stopping at Hopwas when the rain became really heavy.

I've had a couple of odd emails from people on my contact list with the subject matter 'Private message' with this being a link to another site. Others have had them too.......what's going on? I emailed my contacts asking them to delete any messages with this subject from me as I don't want to cause anyone a problem.

Hello to 'NB Have A Lark' who we passed this morning and they told Eric they read my blog. I hope I got your boat's name correct!

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Lisa said...

This is Lisa from What a Lark we passed us at Tamworth I think. We were waiting for the rain to pass as per forecast, so by 2pm we decided to do the two hours we wanted and set off only to go about 300 yards and the heavens opened AGAIN, added to a 40 min wait at the two locks there, we were drenched, again.
Our internet is iffy on the boat and we have just got home for a week or so, I thought I'd just say hello and I'll look out for you all again late August.