Friday, July 06, 2012

One Sunny Day On The Ashby Canal

Cruising in sunshine!

Plenty of vegetation!

We've been cruising, sometimes in the rain and sometimes in the dry but one thing remains the same it's called bog walking on the towpath with Ben. Some places there's a hard surface and you feel pleased and then it's back to a hundred yards of paddling reminiscentof the cuttings on the Shroppie!We travelled as far as Stoke Golding and stayed put for a day before moving on a bit more.

Yesterday we had a pleasant surprise there was actually warmth and sunshine, so we decided it was time to go but no difference on the towpath as overnight rain kept the towpath good and muddy. Ben definately needed a wash when we got back on the boat at Sutton Cheyney. We pulled in at Sutton Cheyney Wharf to use the facilities, the bins  were overflowing but the water and Elsan were working. There's a shop so we had an icecream as the water tank filled.

We'd hoped to stay on the visitor moorings there but we were too long for the space left so we had to keep going. I planned to walk in Bosworth Fields but it was not to be, we'll have a look on the way back. The Ashby has a lot of soft shallow sides so we needed to find an unoccupied length of piling or Visitor Moorings with rings. We were in luck at Bosworth Wharf when a boater offered to move up a bit so we could get in a space which was just a few feet too short. We were soon moored up next to a hard path on rings, lovely after all the mud.

Today we planned to walk into Market Bosworth about a mile or so from the canal but it's absolutely chucking it down and Ben hasn't even left the boat for a comfort break after being in all night......he doesn't like the noise of the rain on the cratch cover! Hopefully it'll stop soon and we can go for our walk.


artymess said...

Poor Ben... our dog Gracie hates the sound of rain and quite often just looks miserable and shakes ...and as for thunder !!!.....hope Eric is keeping well I am just about to read all your other posts as I am so behind on blogging have been back to Wales this time my friend is ill ....xx

Elsie said...

Hi Artymess,

Ben was fine, we went out when the rain eased off. Eric's a lot better after his fall. I hope you had time to see some of Wales on your visit to be with your friend.

Take care, Elsie