Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Great Haywood Towards Stone

Winding At Tixall Wide

On the T&M near Shirleywich

Last night on my return to the boat, we decided we'd move in the morning......ichy feet mode. Eric was facing the wrong way to go to Great Haywood so he reversed back to the widest bit of Tixall Wide and winded. Everyone seems to enjoy doing a turn here!  I walked with Ben down to Anglowelsh as we needed fuel, gas and some Morris Golden Film Oil and the wallet was certainly lighter.

Then it was under the bridge at Great Haywood Junction and a left turn to fill up with water, get rid of the recycling and rubbish and empty the cassettes. A decision was made at the waterpoint and we're now heading up the Trent and Mersey Canal to Stone........just for a few days as our daughter Lisa and grandaughter Gwenllian are coming to visit on Monday. Maybe she won't need her wellies after all.

Lisa & Gwen with her wellies!

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