Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fradley To Rugeley And Beyond

Fradley swing bridge

Today we left Fradley Junction after filling up water and went through the swing bridge and turned left heading for Rugeley on the Trent and Mersey Canal. No queues today which is good because there's only space for one boat on the lock landing of Middle Lock and the rest of the approach is full of long term moored boats.  Boats coming towards meant we had some help at the locks as well as a good chat with the other boaters.

Ben and I enjoyed our walk although the weather couldn't make up it's mind whether to stay dry or the end we had some heavy rain. Back on the boat we passed through Armitage where the loos are piled high in Armitage Shanks goods yard.

Loos in the goods yard
We arrived at Rugeley late in the day so couldn't find a space near Morrison's (Bridge 66) and had to moor nearer to Bridge 67. We needed to stop as the freezer was nearly empty and so was the fridge.  Walking back to the boat there were loads of spaces near Bridge 68 we must have been just an hour too early. Usually boater's shop and leave Rugeley but we've stayed many times and it's been fine.

We were moored on  a slope so we moved on to moor near the pigs near Bridge 69, a popular spot but room for a few more boats. Out of the window we can see a field of sheep and  we can smell the pigs but it's fairly quiet until Virgin trains thunder past. A busy day today, tomorrow we'll head for Great Haywood.


artymess said...

Hi Elsie I stayed with friends on a narrowboat near Rugeley funnily enough I was telling Jim about it last night. i remember coming past Armitage shanks place too When we got up in the morning it was snowing I have some instamatic photos somewhere in an album of the snow and the narrowboat.
That was about in 1973 ish I think. x

Elsie said...
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Elsie said...

Hi Artymess,

You've a good memory then! Eric and I watched some of the 60's and 70's takes us back to being young again. Take care, Elsie

Lorna jones said...

Hi Elsie yes I used to take a lot of photos so I think that helps my memories.....and I don't feel that the 70's was that long ago we were at art college then and my friend who hired the narrowboat was older and so much more sophisticated she took her cats with her too obviously it was too cold for them to go outside and they used to snuggle on the bunks!!!....denying that I am getting old can't believe it was that long ago nearly 40 yrs it can't be true !!...ha ha ..x