Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dog's Swim And Phones Don't!

Starting off at Hopwas this morning on foot with Ben the dog and it was actually dry....well the day started dry. Progress was slow following two boats going so slowly we were on tickover and we didn't arrive at Fradley until 1pm,it took  three and a half hours! Atleast there was a space before the waterpoints on the Coventry Canal.

We moored up with the stern sticking out a bit because it was a bend and didn't give it another thought except Ben was playing on the bank and fell into the water with a great big splash, into  the gap. In my haste to drag him out by his collar  after he'd gone under once as he couldn't get out with the sides having piling, my phone fell into the water unnoticed by me. Ben soon dried off but I couldn't find my phone despite getting out the fishing net and trying to find it in the silt.

So now I've lost all my phone numbers, so if you get 'this phone is turned off' please email me instead elsiefletcher@hotmail.co.uk.

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