Saturday, July 07, 2012

Cruising On The Ashby- Just A Little Bit

Yesterday the rain eased so we decided to go and get some essentials in the Coop in Market Bosworth just over a mile away. There is a footpath on the road but in places it was narrow due to overgrown hedges. The rain water was pouring down the hilly road from the town so you can see why towns were built on hills. We filled two rucksacks and headed back to the boat, down hill this time so a fair bit quicker.Back on the boat we had lunch and then the really heavy rain started once again.We were on 48 hour moorings so stayed put hoping for better weather on Saturday.

Saturday came, with some sun again so we decided to move a mile or so, not wanting to overstay on the moorings. I walked with Ben and Eric steered the boat. We found a bit of piling and pulled in so Eric could set up the satellite dish to get TV as he wanted to watch the F1 Qualifiers. Ben and I continued our walk, not that Ben was happy as the steam railway (The Battlefield Line) runs quite close and he didn't like the steam whistle!

Now the view from the window is greenery rather than housing, which suits us much better.

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