Saturday, July 14, 2012

Back On The Coventry Canal- Atherstone Locks

Mud and puddles!

We left the Ashby Canal on Friday morning, Ben and I started our walk at Marston Junction as the towpath is much better as you head towards Nuneaton. We walked for an hour or so and then got back on board. At  Bridge 21 we had a lunch stop as there's a really good fish and chip shop just over the bridge, the small fish at £1.80 is the same size as large fish in most shops and the chip portions were far too big for us.

We continued cruising and stopped overnight just after Hartshill  near Bridge 34 and all was quiet apart from the railway. When it started to rain very heavily it was incredibly noisy  on the roof of the boat and it went on for hours, so I didn't get much sleep. In the morning the rain had stopped so it was time to move a little further. The picture above shows mud and puddles on the Coventry Canal and Ben needed a wash before he could get back on the boat.

Approaching Lock 1 of the Atherstone Flight
We arrived at the top lock of the Atherstone flight to find a boat leaving the lock and as there were quite a few boats moving progress was good for the five locks before we stopped for shopping at the large Coop which can be reached from Bridge 43.  After shopping we stopped an hour and then decided to move down the next six locks to moor at Bradford Green which will hopefully be a bit quieter as long as the rain stays away.

We followed a boat down these locks which meant we had to fill  locks before we could use them as there wasn't any boats coming uo the lock flight. Atherstone locks are slow fillers but they empty quickly so despite having a busy day we were moored up by five o'clock. So we've worked through eleven locks today and there are only two more until we reached Fradley Junction and the Trent and Mersey Canal.

NB Bendigedig near Atherton

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