Sunday, July 01, 2012

Back At Hawkesbury Junction

The Greyhound at Hawkesbury Junction
Sunday found on moving on, stopping at Rose Narrowboats to fill up with water and get rid of the rubbish.We visited the chandlery and bought a couple of oil filters as Eric used the last one he had last week. They only do Fram filters but we knew the number we needed for our Beta 43 (PH3589). The guy in the chandlers told us they do a PH8A filter which is slightly longer which fits if we had the room, it depends on where the alternator is sited and it's £10 cheaper so we bought one to try as it shouldn't foul the alternator.

Ben and I stayed off the boat for a walk but Ben wanted to get back on as there was a shoot on the left of us and noisy rains hooting on the right of us, but the boat wasn't near the bank. We walked for a while until he jumped back on at a bridge hole, so I got back on too.

We enjoyed our cruise passing under the M6 and M69, you could smell the exhaust fumes. We moored on the Oxford Canal just before Hawkesbury Junction, you could hear the hum of the M6 which runs closely by but we didn't want to cruise any further.

Ben enjoyed a ball playing session on the wide grassy area next to the towpath, so he was happy and then even happier when he found a place for a drink and a paddle in the canal taking his ball with him. Back on the boat one wet ball still in his mouth!

Tomorrow we're heading for Marston Junction as we fancy some time on the Ashby Canal before we tackle those lovely locks at Atherton.


Alf said...

Try these - Baldwin BT420 @ £5.28 + postage & packing, worth getting a supply in ! (from

Elsie said...

Hi Alf,

Beta filters are expensive, good to know another alternative.

Take care, Elsie & Eric