Monday, July 09, 2012

At The End Of The Ashby Canal

The north portal of Snarestone Tunnel

The Battlefield Line is quiet today with no steam trains running and Ben is more his normal self rather than hiding either in the bathroom or under the breakfast stools where he obviously felt safe. We set off for a walk  and walked a few miles getting back on the boat at the aqueduct just before Shackerstone.

The canal was busy today with boats leaving the Sea Otter Get Together at the terminus. They had fireworks last night so we knew they'd be coming back towards us today and there would be room to more at the current end of the canal. Nevertheless it was pleasant cruising, the rain kept away and the sun came out. We followed another boat through the bendy Snarestone Tunnel  and then  cruised to the current end of the navigation.

Arriving at the end of the canal we moored up on the 48 hour moorings and I went off on the bike to Measham, the nearest place to get some food. As the contractors are working extending the canal you certainly couldn't get through on foot, in fact the only way to the road was through the usually locked access road to the site, but it was open as the Sanitary Station was being cleaned. So I left on the bike before he'd finished cleaning!

I found my way to Measham, I didn't realise it was hilly so progress was slow on the ups but whizzing on the downs! On the way back I got a bit lost and missed the turn off into Quarry Road and ended up going a longer way round to Snarestone Tunnel and then I was at the wrong end as there's no footpath through it. Opposite the Globe is a footpath to a playground with a stile (oh no) but luckily I climbed over and there's a gate further along so we went back and came via the gate. I didn't know which way to go so asked a man in his garden and found the way to the northern portal of the tunnel.  Then the fun began is was boggy back to the terminus and I had to walk and push the bike through it.

Eric and Ben were waiting on the next canal bridge and Ben came running to meet me and covered me with muddy footprints.......he was filthy too. A quick wash in the canal and he was cleaner and the bike got a wash too with a bucket of canal water. I've got jelly legs again but the fridge is fuller and we have chocolate!


artymess said...

my Grandmother's brother was a headmaster in Measham and on school holidays we used to stay with him and his wife and children in the schoolhouse and we were allowed to play in the school yard and used to play table tennis in the hall ...lovely memories as a child this was a really special holiday......x

Elsie said...

Hi Artymess,

Not easy to get to Measham from the canal, one day the restoration will get there! Eric says I need a handheld navigation system so I won't miss a turning again!

Take care, Elsie