Wednesday, July 11, 2012

About Turn- Snarestone To Market Bosworth

The current terminus of the Ashby canal
We spent a very quiet Monday night at the end of the canal and in the morning we decided to use the facilities and then turn around and begin the return journey. One of the reasons we didn't stay another night was there was nowhere to go to walk the dog with the unnavigable canal closed off by Leicester County Council. Towards Snarestone Tunnel it was just a bog all the way so not much fun going that way.

On Tuesday we  cruised past Snarestone, Shackerstone and Congerstone  without a single rain drop falling and moored up about a mile out of Market Bosworth where we stayed overnight. Plenty of rain came later but we were fine indoors. Ben and I walked along the section from Gopsall Wharf through the woods to Shackerstone where I knew the towpath was good. Plenty of big sticks to keep Ben happy too.

Today we did the final mile to Market Bosworth, Ben and I bog walked as that section of the towpath is really wet in places. We were early enough at 11.30am to find a space to moor but we only just was close. We moored up and walked into Market Bosworth for supplies with Ben the dog. We caught the bus back with the shopping and the driver was kind enough to drop us just before the canal bridge, maybe because we were the only ones on the bus.

So the shopping's put away and I feel a lazy afternoon coming on.......Ben is fast asleep!

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