Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Visit To Stone, Trent And Mersey Canal

Travelling in beautiful weather we finally got to Stone after an overnight stop near Weston. Boats are travelling too, up and down the Trent and Mersey Canal so it was a case of one boat up and one boat down at the locks. The towpath was in surprisingly good condition and I only met one section just before Aston Lock where I had no choice but to walk through six inches of sticky wet mud. Lots of bank work has been going on along this stretch of canal with plant filled coir bags making soft edges staked in place and infilled behind and the area seeded with grass, which is growing too.

Through Aston Lock wondering if we'd find a space to moor below the locks as we needed a winding hole to turn around. If there wasn't a space it would have been four locks up to the next winding hole and then four locks down a day or so later. But we were in luck and a space was there on the 48 hour moorings which suited us fine. With overhanging trees the solar panels wouldn't get that much sun but we had a space!

Eric and I went for a wander around the town to find  a lot of the shops shut.......early closing day. But of course Morrisons was open with a amazing display of unusual fresh vegetables, also unusual was the way they were displayed on a bed of ice with a fine mist spray of water keeping them moist. I wouldn't have known what to do with a lot of them. Anyway bags filled we were on our way back to the boat.

Eric had to put the fish aerial as he couldn't get a satellite signal but Freeview was ok. Looking around at other boats and the local houses we  could see aerials pointing in different directions but our finder only gave us one green light when it pointed one way. It wasn't a particularly quiet evening as a house opposite had a noisy barbecue until the early hours of the morning and then the Olympic Bells woke us up about eight o'clock.

We decided against Friday night in Stone and I took Ben for an early walk in the recreation grounds alongside the River. He enjoyed a paddle in the section where the canoe club have a course set up of hanging poles as obstacles........can't remember what they call it! Then we winded to turn around and left Stone behind seeking the comparative peace and quiet of the countryside.

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