Sunday, June 03, 2012

Watching The Boats On The Tele...It's Dry Here Too!

When we passed Rose Narrowboats  Eric popped in the shop and bought some black sealant. As it was dry when we stopped he sealed around the chimney, around all the mushrooms and around the back sliding hatch. Now it was fingers crossed to see if we were drip free inside the boat. Overnight it tipped down and great news there are no leaks inside the boat.

Outside the clouds are definitely leaking  but not to worry on went the wet gear and Ben and I walked back to Rugby to get a Sunday paper. It took me half an hour to get there and slightly longer to walk back. Ben was rather wet but a rub down with a towel sorted him out. Meanwhile the bunting on the boat looks wet and soggy too, with no chance of it drying off in sunshine.

I cooked us lunch and then it was time to watch the Jubilee Pageant on the Thames. We couldn't really see any names on the narrowboats but recognised President because of the steam. Not much air time given to the narrowboats by the BBC. On No Problem's blog there's a link to one of the boats actually there called NB Indigo Dream if you want to have a closer look at the narrowboats.


Les and Jaqueline Biggs said...

Hi Elsie
Rained all day here north of Nantwich. The Thames pageant was poorly covered but was at least about boats.

Elsie said...

Hi Les & Jaq,

That's true! Suppose really it was more about the Queen!

Take care, Elsie